53, Male, Straight, Waitakere City, Auckland
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  • Mark

    53 year old male from Auckland.

    181 cm (5ft 11in) tall, slim body type, with brown eyes, brown hair and white ethnicity.

  • 1+1= 3

    I would say that I'm an honest, kind, gentle and empathetic person. Yes, I have a feminine side, but I'm still a man... I know when to be the gentleman and when not to be..... When I brush my teeth I always make a frothy mess in the basin!I'm a single dad with 50/50...

  • I would sum up my personality as being:
    Generally speaking I'm mostly in my element:
    At home
  • Self-summary
    1+1= 3

    I would say that I'm an honest, kind, gentle and empathetic person. Yes, I have a feminine side, but I'm still a man... I know when to be the gentleman and when not to be..... When I brush my teeth I always make a frothy mess in the basin!

    I'm a single dad with 50/50 care of my 2 girls 10&7 week on week off. I could never be a weekend dad, so this works as well as anything can.

    Still reading? Well they're with their mum every other week and getting older :)

    I'm British but have lived overseas since the nineties. I've traveled extensively in Europe and have lived in Amsterdam , Antwerp and Brussels. Now New Zealand is my permanent home

    I enjoy nature, love camping trips and picnics but i'm not a sun worshipper; when out you'll usually find me in a shady spot. Most of my friends have younger children now, so when I go out it's usually alone. I'm equally at home in a wine bar or an underground house club... I still love to dance.

    I enjoy cooking and can make the perfect flat white. I've also been told I have a sexy voice ;)

  • Looking for

    I'm looking for a nice kiwi lass and am open to a blended family situation. Hopefully I'll find someone I can share everything with.

  • Basics
    Auckland, Waitakere City
    Seeking a
  • Appearance
    Eye colour
    Hair colour
    181 cm (5ft 11in)
    Body type
  • Lifestyle
    I don't smoke
    I'm a casual drinker
    In my element
    At home
  • Miscellaneous
    Marital status
    Yes, at home
    Want children
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