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33, Male, Straight, Chrisitchurch City, Canterbury
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  • Adrian

    33 year old male from Canterbury.

    171 cm (5ft 7in) tall, normal body type, with grey eyes, black hair and asian ethnicity.

  • Multi-ethnic, clean shaved, panda lover, reader

    American in speechChinese in mindJapanese at heart20% Japanese, 20% American, 60% leftoverneseNew Zealand Resident since 2011Born in SingaporeCook/Kitchen Manager for a Sushi companyChef-wannabeHealth & Fitness Junkie/YogaAstrologer/Tarot...

  • I would sum up my personality as being:
    Generally speaking I'm mostly in my element:
    Reading a book
  • Self-summary
    Multi-ethnic, clean shaved, panda lover, reader

    American in speech
    Chinese in mind
    Japanese at heart
    20% Japanese, 20% American, 60% leftovernese
    New Zealand Resident since 2011
    Born in Singapore
    Cook/Kitchen Manager for a Sushi company
    Health & Fitness Junkie/Yoga
    Astrologer/Tarot reader
    Recovering Introvert/Otaku
    Only child
    Parents are at peace
    Panda Loving Psycho
    Pillowsoftphogy Major
    100+ Kindle books(mostly free cause i'm a cheapo)
    Guitarist(since I was 12)
    Pianist(recently in June 2019)
    80s ~ 2ks music lover
    Bushido mindset
    Manchester United Fan since 1992
    Was married once for 7 years, no kids
    INFJ-T(natural partner is ENTP or ENFP)
    Nurse kittens for local animal shelter

    And I really, really, really, really, really~~ love to cook
    IG @

  • Looking for

    My expectations here are as high as a cake rising in the oven, but what I'm looking for is a soul that I can communicate without using the Ouija board. One that talks back with sentences that has more blocks than a box of Lego. A mind that is curious like the cat, but not overly zesty like a chihuahua on steroids. Distance isn't an issue, unless you live in the underworld or a galaxy far far away-screams in chewbacca-. A good head I can look at would be nice, but not essential overtime, I'll just put a mask over it. A healthy body that can handle my nonsense and desires for the better good of HUMANITY! Plus my endless needs to travel around the globe & Mars. Gotta love kids, also have a sense of humor that can handle jokes of all levels. Have a temper that says "I'm not an easy girl, but hey look at me, try me, dare me, LOVE ME!!!!@$!%!@" Working hard to have a life of their own, independent yet soft & sensitive. Able to fend for themselves, yet approach things in a logical manner, like poking someone with a pencil. You don't have to be stable mentally/physically/financially/whateverly, no one ever is. Progress, not perfection.. unless you're a sorceress with amazing magical powers that can wave their amazing tralala all over my lalala or is able to predict the future with a crystal ball. Ability to cook without burning food, ability to bake without burning kitchen down. A proven fire fighter if I ever burn the house down & catch fire. Unlike some of the guys on here, I'm not into the sex talk crap. Not that I hate sex, but it's just not something I'm comfortable communicating with someone I don't know. My intentions here are purely to meet the opposite sex for friendship and deep conversations. I'm not into the love at first sight notion as I find it too shallow of a term brainwashing our society into thinking what is beautiful or ugly. Probably why I hate most of the Disney's princess cartoons, pretty girl, handsome prince, living happily ever after & have beautiful kids. Beauty is the eye of the beholder, and I'm blind most days without my glasses, you're safe! I want someone that I can have chemistry with words. Communication is such an important factor to me in a match. That's pretty much it really. I'm here because after many attempts with the Ouija board to locate a potential partner in crime, it came up empty, I ended up here somehow...(I lied, the board told me to..-laughs in satan)

  • Basics
    Canterbury, Chrisitchurch City
    Seeking a
  • Appearance
    Eye colour
    Hair colour
    171 cm (5ft 7in)
    Body type
  • Lifestyle
    I don't smoke
    I'm a casual drinker
    In my element
    Reading a book
  • Miscellaneous
    Marital status
    Previously married
    Want children
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